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Mitigate security risks by providing visibility and control over threatening applications.
By consolidating multiple security devices into one unit, it contributes to the reduction of safety costs.


Ensuring business continuity while defending against email-based attacks
A full-featured and comprehensive email security solution.


Monitoring Service


Monitoring Server


Comprehensive open source software for monitoring various systems and network services.
Notify the user immediately when a problem occurs or is resolved. With the use of various plug-ins
Various server functions can be checked.

Setting File Genetarion tool for Nagios

Nagios configuration file generation tool.


Data Management


Sharing Files


A safe and secure high-capacity file transfer system that can be operated at your site.
Administrators can query user information, access log management, and list of sent files.

File Server

High-performance NAS: tiered storage, application-based partitioning and network traffic distribution
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Vehicle Despatch Management System

PC system for the tourist bus industry. This system is suitable for bus operations such as reservation reception, crew and bus arrangements, sales statistics, and collection management, etc. It comprehensively supports ETC data intake, sticker printing, and linking with the payroll system, etc.


Virtuarization of Servers and Cliants


Virtuarization of Servers and Cliants

Improve IT agility, flexibility and scalability by virtualizing servers and clients.
Rapidly deploy workloads, improve performance and availability, and automate operations.
It also facilitates IT management and reduces the cost of ownership and operation.




Video Conferencing System 

A video conferencing system that can be used in a variety of communication situations.
High sound quality, low latency, infinite number of users, etc. to increase productivity and reduce costs for corporate operations
and others. Both cloud-based and on-premise systems are available for consultation.
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