Company Name  Seiwa Technology Co., Ltd.
Head Office InterOne Place Karasuma 2 3F,
680 Ohmandokoro-Cho Bukkoji-Sagaru Karasuma-dori,
Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto  6008413
TEL 075-344-9191
FAX 075-344-9192
Infrastructure Solution Dept. C/O Seiwa Electric MFG Co., Ltd.
36 Terada-Shinnike, Joyo, Kyoto Prefecture, 610-0192
TEL 0774-55-1700
Business ・Developing cloud service and mobile terminal
・Consulting open network and business system
・Selling computer peripheral and network peripherals
・Developing and reselling computer software
Established Year  April 1st, 1995
Capital Stock  Fifty million yen
Authorized Capital Stock  2,400
Outstanding Shares  1,000
Sales Amount 433,300 thousand Yen [March 2017] 285,922 thousand Yen [March 2018] 354,766 thousand Yen [March 2016]
Share Holder Seiwa Electric MFG Co.Ltd [100%]
Bank The Bank of Kyoto, Ltd.
Tha Bank of Shiga, Ltd.
Executives President & CEO|Kazuyuki Fukuzono
Director|Hiroaki Maekawa
Part-Time Director|Teruaki Masuyama [Seiwa Electric MFG. Co., Ltd.]Part-Time Auditor|Tomohiko Mochiduki [Seiwa Electric MFG. Co., Ltd.]
employee number 36 [As of June 2022 including temporary staffs]

4 Oracle Master Silver

1 Salesforce  Implementation Consultant

1 Privacy Consultant

1 Information-Technology Engineers Examination

1 Information-Technology Engineers Examination

1 Information Security Specialist Examination

1 DD TYPE ⅠInstallation Technician

6 Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination

1 certification examination  of Web Designer

2 Information Technology Passport Examination

1 The CCI Japan Business Law Examination, Grade 2 Certified

1 The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping, 2nd grade

[Qualification obtained after 2000 only]
belong to
Kyoto Industrial Association, Inc.
Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Joyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kyoto Information Service Industry Association
Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21
Japan Certified Privacy Consultant
Kyoto Computer system Association
Main Business Partners Asahi Electric CO, LTD./Enearc Co., Ltd./Osaka Gas BUSINESS CREATE Co., LTD./Public Interest Incorporated Foundation KYOTO Industrial Support Organization 21/KT auto industry Co.,Ltd./Seiwa Electric MFG. CO., Ltd./Teisankanko-Bus Co, Ltd./Teisankanko-Kyoto Automobile Co, Ltd./Togawa Rubber Co., Ltd./Nikko Bus Co., Ltd/Harman Co., Ltd/Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd./Fukushima Industrial Promotion Center/J. Morita MFG. Corp./etc…
ISO Authentication scheme:
UKAS・JAB [00467‐2002‐AQ‐KOB‐UKAS/JAB] ISO standards:ISO9001:2015、JISQ9001:2015
The certificate is valid for the following scope:
Designing, Development, Technical Support of Business Information System on Customer Requirement
Site Address:
Inter One Place Karasuma Ⅱ 3F、 680 Omandokoro-cho, Bukkojisagaru, Karasuma-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-City, Kyoto Pref. 6008413, Japan

Type II telecommunications operators
Qualification for the bid of Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City